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Marko Bračić
Institut für Neuro- und Verhaltensbiologie
Abteilung für Verhaltensbiologie
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Badestraße 13, D-48149 Münster

Tel.: 0251/83 24783
Fax: 0251/83 24783
E-Mail: bracic@uni-muenster.de



Marko Bračić (*1991 in Zagreb, Croatia) joined the Department of Behavioural Biology in May 2018 as a PhD student in collaborative research center (SFB-Niche Choice, Niche Conformance, Niche Construction) which aims to redevelop the concept of an ecological niche by focusing on the individual differences. In his project embedded in this center, he studies how mice become optimists or pessimists and whether optimists chose different ecological niches then pessimists. His present focus is on individuality and decision-making but he is also excited about social insects, birding and a utilization of scientific knowledge.


Due to his early fascination with animal behaviour, in 2009 he started studying biology at the University of Zagreb, during which he worked with a wide range of animal taxa, both in the field and lab. After exchange semester studying cognitive biology at the University of Vienna, he conducted his master's thesis on collective defences of ants against bacteria, supervised by Prof. Dr. Sylvia Cremer and Dr. Barbara Milutinović at IST Austria. After graduation in 2016, he worked as an expert associate in nature protection (NGO) and as a high school biology teacher.



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